The Little Green Learning Garden

The 21st Century Outdoor Classroom

Why Your Kids Should Garden ~ Taking math, science, language, physical activity and the arts outside of the mainstream indoor classroom and providing children with real, authentic experiences, further supports and enriches not only their cognitive development but also their social, emotional and physical wellness. Mother Nature provides endless opportunities year round for children to explore math concepts, develop language communication skills, make scientific discoveries, nurture creative minds and, develop and strengthen fine and gross motor skills.


Starting Over and Moving Forward

Hello Friends of The Little Green Schoolhouse,

Two years ago I ventured out and decided to start a blog about The Little Green Schoolhouse journey.  Well, needless to say only a few blogs were written and that seemed to be the end of my ‘blogging’ days. I’ve had very good intentions but something always seemed to redirected my attention elsewhere . . . life seems to do that.

2015 marks a very important mile stone for The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc. as it is our 5th Anniversary.  So many amazing things have happened since we opened our doors 5 years ago and we continue to grow. Each day we experience the joy of being part of the lives of so many children and families who bring POSITIVITY to our centre.  So today is about starting over and sharing the next chapter of The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc.

Rather than feeling that I have failed at ‘blogging’ I’m choosing to look at this experience as part of my learning . . . Start Over AND Move Forward. New beginnings are good and as I ‘start over’ I hope that we will grow and learn together and on that note . . .

I would like to  welcome you to The Little Green Blog.  As we continue to move forward in our journey, it is our hope to further connect with you and our global community in spreading the ENERGY of POSITIVITY.  We look forward to sharing our insights about the latest news in Education, Literacy, Healthy Eating and Living and, Being Green as can be.

I’d to extend a special Thank you to one of our little munchkins, Ryan, for inspiring our blog title and who affectionately refers to the school as “Little Green”.  It is through Ryan’s eyes and the eyes of all our little munchkins that inspire us to “Do the Best we can and to BE the BEST we can BE.”

WE INVITE YOU to jump on board and join The Little Green Blog conversation.  We look forward to our journey together, EXPLORING, DISCOVERING and CONNECTING in Friendship, Knowledge, Inspiration and the ENERGY of POSITIVITY!

Yours in friendship,
Joanne Deidun-Roork, Owner/Director
The Little Green Schoolhouse Inc.

Full-day Kindergarten ~ To Be or Not to Be?

Kindergarten – full day, half day, public, private? How do you as a parent decide what is best for your child? How do you sift through all the data and statistics, what the ‘professionals’ advise, what the politicians are campaigning and promising . . . who is right, who is wrong  . . . what is the best, what is the worst . .  . What pressure to place on parents and what pressure to impose on a child if it’s not the right fit for him or her.  Just when you think you have it figured out another article, editorial, commentary and report that suggests, implies, recommends or claims what you should do, still leaves you feeling that the decision you need to make is even more clouded with confusion and uncertainty.

The attached link,  “Why full-day kindergarten doesn’t work” – Charlie Gillis on the muchkin invasion” is an interesting read and provides some food for thought about full-day kindergarten  . . . and if anything it further begs the question, “What is best for YOUR child?”

Each child is unique and different in their growth, development and needs.  Why are we led to believe that ‘full-day’ kindergarten is best for every child in order to be successful and to not fall behind academically and in life?   How can this one formula, ‘full-day kindergarten’ be the right fit for every child?

Maybe we should be asking a different question, “What is the best early start for my child’s life journey? For some children, the best early start may be to stay at home with a family member, because a home learning environment is just the right fit for your own child at a particular stage in his or her  growth and development.  For some children, a half day program in a learning environment outside of the home may be the next step in supporting and nurturing your child’s needs in their growth and development  . . . and yet for some children a full day program has its benefits if your child is ready but the key to his or her success is if he or she is “ready” for a full-day learning program.

A lot of factors come into play when making such an important decision for your child and the start of his or her educational journey . . . BUT one thing is sure, the decision shouldn’t be based on information that is politically driven or even based on biased test scores, stats, and studies.  After you have sifted through all the information, in the end and bottom line, YOU, as your child’s parents are his or her first teachers, YOU are his or her connection to a world that is waiting to be explored and discovered.

Open the door for your child into a learning environment that will best SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE, and NURTURE the Shining Star He or She is meant to BE  . . .