Children, Parents, Staff as PartnersChildren, Parents & Staff As Partners
The staff at The Little Green Schoolhouse are pleased to be of assistance to parents and answer any questions they may have regarding their child’s social development and academic progress, our preschool and JK/SK programs and activities, or any special events or workshops.  Most questions can be answered by visiting our FAQ section on our website.

Quick questions can usually be answered right away but often more time is required to discuss your child’s progress.  Appointments can be arranged before or after school programs.  Progress Reports are completed for each child and reviewed with parents during our Parent/Teacher Conferences which are scheduled twice during the school year, the first to be held in February and the second to be held in July.  We do encourage on-going communication between home and school so we ask parents to notify a staff member of any matters that may play an important role in their child’s day to day well-being while in our care.

On behalf of all the staff at The Little Green Schoolhouse, we look forward to working together with parents and families of the children enrolled in our preschool and JK/SK programs.

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